The Project: The El Paso Netcitizen: December 2007

This paper was presented for the consideration of Digital El Paso on December 6, 2007

The objective of this proposed project is to become the digital interface between governmental bodies and the constituency they serve.


The expressed mission of Digital El Paso is to narrow the digital divide in our community through access and inclusion. By most measures Digital El Paso’s pilot program in the downtown area has been successful. The model can and should be extended by the addition of a third leg to the project. Digital El Paso currently has two legs, Access and Inclusion. The WiFi part of the project is the component that provides access to broadband internet for the community. The other component, the inclusion is led by the Orion project which provides computers for access to the digital world. Digital El Paso’s unique model is based on two unique components; a test and deploy model and a public/private partnership.

We propose that a third leg or component be added to Digital El Paso. This component, the netcitizen component provides for the engagement of our target individual into the Internet. By adding this component, Digital El Paso extends its mission by not only continuing to narrow the digital divide but also by engaging its new netcitizens into creating new content for the benefit of our global community.

To read the complete document download the PDF document found at the end of this article.


In conclusion we, as a team are ready to take Digital El Paso to the next step. In so doing we continue to embrace the collaborative nature of the project. Digital El Paso is leading the way with its innovative use of collaboration between the public and private sector. We have shown how effective a team we can be.

Cognent, Inc. wants to lead the charge to the next step and be part of the model that could revolutionize digital inclusion across the globe. We need your help and support. We are set and ready to begin the process on January 2008. The momentum is in place with the recent announcement by Digital El Paso. Community awareness is at the highest peak possible.

There are public led possibilities to reach the goal of attaining netcitizenship but they require time and money that will take time to make politically viable. While those initiatives are being examined and funded, Digital El Paso can lead the charge of digital inclusion by helping us launch the El Paso netcitizen project.

From a public entity perspective the ability for each citizen to have his own verified email address gives the government a strong tool to deliver the citizen the information they need in an effective and timely basis. From the citizen’s perspective, having their own email address and space on the net continues to narrow the digital divide while sharing our culture and identity with the rest of the world.

Cognent, Inc. is prepared to make this a reality for El Paso. Help us to put El Paso on the cyber map!

You can download the PDF here. (234Kb)