COUNTY OF EL PASO – Information Technology Department (Consolidated Data Processing) Consolidation Report – May 2007

The following is a report prepared for County Judge Anthony Cobos in regards to consolidation of the Information Technology services for the County of El Paso, Texas.


Information Technology Department (Consolidated Data Processing) Consolidation Report

May 2007

Prepared by: Martin Paredes, CEO, Cognent, Inc.

NOTE: This is a public version of the original document presented to the County Judge. The only difference between this document and the original is that the names of the employees have been removed for their privacy. The consultant feels that the removal of the employee names makes no material difference as to the conclusions reached herein. Should the reader want to see the names of the employees then an Open Records Request should be made with the County.

Executive Summary

A review of the County’s existing budget has revealed that 14 departments within the County of El Paso have 26 employees classified as data processing or information technology professionals outside of the County’s official IT department. Removing certain staff, which this consultant feels are misclassified leaves a staffing table of 14 employees with a total cost to the County in the amount of $616,379.00.

The County’s current IT consolidation efforts have resulted in the centralization of most computer servers within the enterprise. The exception to this centralization effort is two (2) County departments, the County Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department. It is the opinion of this consultant that the duplication of services already provided by the County’s data management organization has resulted in higher costs for the County due to duplication of services.

Consolidating the missing departments under the County’s data management department will result in an immediate savings of $50,000 this fiscal year. Another $45,000 can be leveraged by leaving the Sheriff’s Network Administration position open and allowing the County’s IT department to provide those services. This would result in an immediate cost savings of $95,000 to the County.

After consolidation is completed, the County should realize another $100,000 over the next year in reduced labor costs and an additional $50,000 in licensing fees. Immediately upon consolidation of the remaining departments, the County should realize an annual savings of $245,000.

Additionally, $600,000 of annual costs can be analyzed by the Consolidated Data Processing Department and upon completion of the cost analysis most of these costs may likely be eliminated with the elimination of duplicated services thus creating additional savings to the County.

Download the PDF report here.