An e-El Paso Initiative Plan – Leveraging the Internet for a vibrant and economically prosperous borderplex: June 2001

An e-El Paso Initiative Plan – Leveraging the Internet for a vibrant and economically prosperous borderplex was written in June 2001.


El Paso and Cd. Juárez currently sit on the crossroads of economic prosperity in the gold rush of the 21st century. The Internet has a created a mechanism whereby the borderplex can become the next “Silicon Valley” of the world’s e-commerce rush. With the inherent infrastructure in labor and resources the border region offers, the establishment of e-commerce development and implementation will benefit the region for decades to come. By implementing this initiative as a team, both El Paso and Cd. Juárez would lead the way to global e-trading.

This white paper presents a preliminary concept of how the communities can leverage the Internet as a tool for economic prosperity of the border region, specifically El Paso, Texas and Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

You can read the complete document by downloading the PDF found at the end of this article.


El Paso and Cd. Juárez are at the center of the greatest gold rush of our century. Minimal investment in educational resources and the implementation of existing infrastructure will allow the borderplex to become the world’s premiere Internet ecommerce provider. The community’s existing bi-lingual and bi-cultural workforce provides the ingredient most required to make the community a successful and vibrant e-commerce fulfillment center. Unique expertise in cross border trade and cultural diversity coupled with existing infrastructure in Juárez has given our region the unique opportunity to be the leader in the gold rush. Mexico’s initiative in world trade agreements and e-technology development completes the requirements that allow the borderplex the ability to provide the services required for worldwide e-commerce business transactions.

The requirements for implementing the initiative are already in place. Small to medium size businesses are capable of participating. Local government intervention needs are minimal and the taxpayer will be minimally required. The Internet allows anyone to compete on a level playing field regardless of location and funding. Small businesses are able to take on the business goliaths and prevail.

Minimal investments from private and public sectors will provide the basis for the initiative. An active embracing of Internet technology by both governments and school systems will prepare a better-equipped work force for the initiative. As the e-commerce market continues to mature, the domino effect will create more and more demands on the local business community to provide more services which will generate greater revenues and a greater demand for a larger workforce employing more workers. As the community becomes the world e-commerce center, the quality of life will increase proportionally and create new opportunities for continued community growth.

The key to the initiative is the embracing of the Internet, an education initiative for both communities and an acknowledgment by residents of El Paso and Cd. Juárez that only in working together as a team can the region prosper economically. Without these components, the initiative is sure to fail and our community will continue to stagnate. The key to future prosperity is within our grasp, whether we move forward is still up to both cities.

Download the PDF here. (157Kb)