About Projects and Papers

This is a repository of some research papers I have written and projects I am working on or have completed. As a consultant to private & public companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental bodies I am tasked with producing and presenting reports on topics about US-México relations and their geo-politics. Although some clients have required me to keep the research produced confidential others have been kind enough to allow me to publish the results of the research. In keeping with my commitment for the confidentiality of my clients I have made generic versions of some of my reports for public dissemination.

Other papers and websites I have produced were created because of my own personal interest. These are also included here for your review and especially your comments. As I usually produce two to three white papers and numerous websites a year for my clients I expect to be uploading some new ones regularly.

The project repository is laid out in a “book” format where each project is a new “page”. This allows me to add projects as they are completed or become available without having to produce them in a sequential order. This page is the “index” of the “book” of projects. I encourage you to read and especially comment on my projects. In my mind there is no right or wrong position rather there are numerous points of view each with its own unique understanding. Please register and comment on the projects as I would like to read your points of view on them.

I encourage you to reproduce and share the papers I have published here especially for educational purposes but please note that all copyright notices must remain in place when reproducing the documents as a whole or proper attribution needs to be made when using parts of the published information. Publishing the documents do not signify that I am releasing them to the public domain. I reserve all rights to the papers and concepts published here.